March 5, 2017



Reiki treatments are unique because of you, as a client, play a major role in the success of the treatment. The more open you are to your Reiki treatment the greater its effect. A Reiki practitioner simply creates  the space for your healing to take place. It is you, albeit largely unconsciously, who draws on the Reiki to clear your body of obstacles in an effort to achieve a state of equilibrium. You can support this process by preparing yourself mentally for your treatment. Clearly by setting your thoughts, this is called your INTENT, to know that during your Reiki treatment you will receive whatever it is that you need this particular moment in your life. 

Many benefits of Reiki treatments:

Depression & anxiety.

Muscle & back pain.

Pain management.


Major life changes and much more..

Reiki Treatments are now available with Kerry Grezl - Reiki Master Teacher at Evolve Holistic Studio, South West Rock NSW.


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